The Need for Speed: Second Generation EDR

WEBINAR: The Need for Speed: Second Generation EDR


Advanced attacks take seconds to compromise endpoints and ransomware attacks take seconds to cause damage to your systems and infrastructure. First generation EDR is well suited for responding to data breach investigations but is often too slow for fast moving threats where real-time response is required, and often overwhelm security teams with alerts, making alert triage and investigations difficult and time consuming, while driving up program costs.

How do you protect corporate endpoint devices such as laptops, servers, desktops, POS, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and mobile devices from modern cyber-threats?

You are invited for a deep dive into FortiEDR:

  • How 2nd generation EDR sets the stage for new levels of automated detection and response
  • How the right EDR tools enable your organization to augment SOAR with more responsive defenses


Discover Second-Generation EDR

Assess Your Endpoint Security Using MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

By Piyanut Intorn - Senior Systems Engineer, Fortinet

FortiEDR Use Cases

By Chitsavanh Athideth - Pre-sales Engineer, VST ECS Laos

FortiEDR Quick Demo

By Piyanut Intorn - Senior Systems Engineer, Fortinet

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Piyanut Intorn
Senior Systems Engineer Fortinet Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

Chitsavanh Athideth
Pre-sales Engineer 1, CLM Laos, VST ECS