SAP on AWS - Managing security in the cloud


Don't wait to be attacked! Join our interactive virtual event to learn how to secure the entire SAP landscape and strengthen your organization’s SAP security posture. Topics include:

  • How Fortinet secures the SAP Cloud Environment
  • Why you should run SAP on AWS
  • How to migrate SAP® systems into the AWS world quickly and simply
  • Tips and demo on how to defeat a hacker before breaking into SAP systems
  • Q&A session on best ways to manage an enterprise SAP deployment securely in AWS

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Patrick Scheppler

Tesvin Choon
Senior BD Manager of Cloud + SAP Security Alliance,

Robert Kriz

Derek Ewell
Principal Partner Solutions Architect for SAP, AWS

Robert Kriz

Ang Hoe Yong
Head of Cloud Services, Asia,

Robert Kriz

Julian Petersohn
Global SAP Systems Engineer,