Key principles and strategies for securing the enterprise cloud

WEBINAR: Key principles and strategies for securing the enterprise cloud


Organizations are increasingly deploying a variety of workloads across multiple clouds. In turn, business-critical data and services are increasingly scattered across this distributed infrastructure. Using the shared responsibility model as a guiding principle, enterprises rely on cloud providers to protect the network, storage, and computing layers, while enterprises own the security for everything that is built, deployed, or stored in the public cloud. Due to multi-cloud adoption, most enterprises maintain heterogeneous environments, with tools from each cloud platform differing significantly.

Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet offer advanced multi-layer protection to secure your infrastructure, data, and applications on the cloud. Fortinet security solutions enable you to reduce risks even in dynamic networks. With complete visibility and automation through AI-driven threat protection, you can easily secure web applications on Alibaba Cloud while also managing global security infrastructures from the cloud.


  • Fortinet Security Solution on Alibaba Cloud
  • Native integration with Fortinet to provide advanced multi-layered security on the cloud
  • Deep discussion and Demo

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Max Dasuki
Head of Solutions Architect Alibaba Cloud Intelligence