How to Prevent Enterprise Ransomware Attacks

WEBINAR: How to Prevent Enterprise Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware is on the Rise Again! We see cyber criminals seeking to exploit public concern around the pandemic and other timely topics to achieve their objectives. The financial impact to organizations is much larger than just the ransom being paid to cyber criminals. Downtime translates into thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity.

Example of hot industries that have been attacked: Healthcare, Utilities and Energy, Manufacturing, Education, Financial Services and Banking, Government

Join Fortinet webinar - no hype, we will share you:

  • The latest cyber threats we are seeing, in both the labs and on the front lines of incident response
  • An overview of trending techniques that are most successful and why
  • End-to-end security to organizations of all sizes to prevent ransomware across all points of entry.
  • Recommend best practices to immediately improve your security posture

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Sokkhiang So,
Pre-sales Engineer,
VSTECS (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.