How to Automate Security for Agility and Resilience Across Clouds

Deliver agile security through automation

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Today’s operating environment demands speed and agility in order for organizations to transform, innovate, and excel. Cybersecurity is critical to keeping this digital world resilient but it must operate with the same agility as the applications and clouds it protects. The only way to rise to this challenge – across public cloud and private cloud environments - is through automation.

Watch our webcast to gain best practice guidance and see what it means to:
  • Automate day 1 and day 2 security workflows
  • Implement Security Policy as Code
  • Leverage dynamic policies to simplify security
  • Automate real-time threat defense

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Joeri Van Hoof
Consulting Systems Engineer, Fortinet

Cloud Security, Automation and Secure Application Development Specialist.

Philippe Saint-Pierre
Cloud Business Development Manager, Fortinet

Cloud and IT Security Strategy and Solution Specialist.