In 2021, Don’t Live on the Edge – Transform Your WAN Edge

Up-level your WAN Edge with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN


2020 was the year of change in all aspects of life, business and collaboration! Organizations of all sizes were forced to undergoing significant digital transformation (DX) whether they were prepared for it, or not- with WAN Edge at the very center of it all. The drastic increase in attacks we saw is a clear indication that threats continue to become more sophisticated and highlights the importance of security at a foundational level.

Fortinet’s organically developed Secure SD-WAN solution is trusted by 30,000+ WAN Edge customers and we continue to innovate by extending SD-WAN to OT, Multi-Cloud connectivity and many cutting-edge use cases.

In 2021, we look to help more customers benefit from a complete self-healing WAN to truly transform their WAN Edge securely – and not live on the Edge!

Join us for a live demo and to learn how a comprehensive Secure SD-WAN solution can:

  • Improve user experience with an application-driven approach
  • Accelerate convergence by enabling thin and thick edge deployments
  • Increase efficiencies in Operations with centralized orchestration and enhanced analytics

All of this at any Branch location, anywhere across the globe and at scale from the Edge to the Cloud.

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Nirav Shah
Sr. Director, Products & Solutions, Fortinet

Rajesh Kari
Sr. Manager, Products & Solutions, Fortinet