Identify, Verify, Contain: Reducing Cyber Risk in a Year of High-Profile Cyber-Attacks

This year started with a lot of tough lessons from bad actors


The accelerating pace of high-profile cyber-attacks in the first half of 2021 highlight the importance of effective and efficient security operations that can quickly identify, verify and contain security incidents before they cause damage.

In light of modern attack methodologies, organizations must be increasingly vigilant and demonstrate efficient security operations in order to reduce and control cyber risk while not impacting business operations.

This webinar will cover:

  • Analysis of 2021’s biggest and most high-profile cyber-attacks to date
  • How to improve visibility across your organization to identify threat and risk
  • Advice for speeding up operational execution
  • Considerations for how to verify and contain security threats
  • Discussion around what a modern SIEM/SOAR platform can do for your business
  • Advice on using key performance metrics to improve your organization’s cyber-resilience

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Patrick Scheppler

Jon Speer
Director of Product & Solutions, Security Operations, Fortinet

Robert Kriz

Max Zeumer
Manager of Product & Solutions, Enterprise Security, Fortinet