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Complete el formulario y haga clic en enviar para elegir la hora que más le convenga para agendar una reunión con un representante de ventas de Fortinet. Recibirá una invitación de calendario inmediatamente después de realizar la reserva y nuestro asesor de seguridad de Fortinet lo llamará durante el tiempo que elija.

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited by law. Recipient must be of the legal age of majority where the recipient resides, a legal U.S. resident, and not: an employee of Fortinet, a Fortinet reseller or partner, a consultant, a Fortinet competitor, or a government affiliate. To receive the gift you must: (a) be an IT professional currently employed at a company, who is not a current Fortinet end customer, with at least 250 employees, (b) complete the phone or in-person meeting with a Fortinet Account Executive, and (c) sign Fortinet's Product Awareness Gift Acknowledgement Form. The initial conversation will be conducted by a Fortinet Business Development Representative to qualify the need prior to scheduling.

By scheduling the call and by receiving any gift, recipient certifies, acknowledges and agrees that:(1) the products listed are not provided in exchange for new or continued business or any improper benefit, and (2) the products are being provided to the recipient's company for a legitimate business purchase and not to an individual for an individual's benefit. Further, recipient represents and warrants that (a) the gift is in compliance with and not in violation of recipient's company policies, and (b) recipient is not a government entity or affiliate.