Don’t Wait for Cable: Build a Reliable Network Edge with Fortinet LTE/5G Wireless WAN

Expand your network edge with the FortiExtender wireless WAN experience



Pat Vitalone
Sr. Manager, Products and Solutions, Fortinet

Alex Fuchs
Systems Engineer, Fortinet

Kenneth Guild
IT Systems Security Manager, The Paper Store

Enterprises globally are migrating branches away from MPLS to direct internet access. Yet, for all of its cost savings, the internet can bring connectivity and security concerns, while cable/DSL broadband remains limited in its physical scope. What can enterprises do to improve digital acceleration in the face of these limitations?

Join this discussion to find out how FortiExtender offers scalable, cost-effective, and resilient LTE/5G Wireless WAN that:

  • Expands edge broadband to locations that lack cable/DSL options
  • Improves user experience through fast cellular failover and out of band management (OOB)
  • Provides secure connectivity for local internet breakouts through the Fortinet Security Fabric

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