Transforming the WAN Edge? The Right SD-WAN and WWAN Solution Matter!

Find out how Fortinet Secure SD-WAN & FortiExtender are a game-changer


Rami Rammaha
Director of Product Marketing, Fortinet

Pat Vitalone
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Fortinet

Peter Chen
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Fortinet

Successful WAN edge transformation with secure SD-WAN and wireless WAN can be challenging if you start down the wrong path with a solution that can’t scale with your growing business.

In this session, we will explore how Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and an integrated FortiExtender LTE/4G/5G solution help to:

  • Accelerate deployments
  • Enable reliable and secure networks
  • Simplify operations
Plus, a brief demo on the workings of this integrated solution to help alleviate your IT and Security teams.

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