Beyond AI: Four Technologies That Will Disrupt Networking
Learn How They Will Revolutionize IT
Nirav Shah
VP of Products & Solutions, Secure Networking, Fortinet
Pat Vitalone
Director of Products & Solutions, NGFW & 5G, Fortinet
Some of the most common challenges facing enterprise IT teams today are security gaps from point products, lack of visibility, performance, and context in legacy networking. Artificial Intelligence has changed the digital landscape. Innovative AI applications, such as ChatGPT, have added context to the way technology works. In networking, AI has saved engineers hours of repetitive, manual work so that they can be more strategic.

But, what’s next?

Join us as we share insights on the challenges that enterprise IT teams have today, and we’ll review:

  • Latest trends in networking
  • 4 technologies that go beyond the benefits of AI
  • How Fortinet delivers the industry’s best performance and security as well as the highest ROI across the entire enterprise

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