Beyond the Carpet: Using Rugged Devices for Reliable and Secure Connectivity Everywhere

James Allen
Sr. Director Product and Solution
Chris Hinsz
Sr. Director Product and Solution
Exploring the Power of Rugged Technology
From OT to educational campuses to fast food, the need for ruggedized equipment is increasing. In this webinar, you will learn how rugged IT is measured and defined. Plus, we will examine how it applies to specific use cases in and beyond OT.

Find out how Fortinet addresses this important need with hardware, software, and our secure connectivity approach, enabling the convergence of security and networking.


  • What is rugged IT?
  • How does it help OT and other industries
  • What are the use cases?
  • What Fortinet hardware and software offer
  • Architectural overview
  • Why Fortinet is the best choice
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