Keys to the Modern SOC:
What You Need, Why it Matters, and How to Get It

Real-world SOC insights from Fortinet consulting and product experts
Attackers are more clever than ever in penetrating your defenses. Detection depends on a sound self-assessment, a practical SecOps strategy, and analysts assisted by the latest in AI-powered technology. Join Fortinet experts for this webinar to learn:
  • The latest techniques employed by attackers  
  • Actionable steps for assessing your security posture
  • Best practices from Fortinet customers 
  • How SIEM and SOAR help achieve your objectives
[Webinar] Accelerating ransomware detection, investigation, and response

Anthony Giandomenico

VP FortiGuard Security Consulting, Fortinet


Daniel Hanman

Director, FortiSIEM Product Management, Fortinet


Kevin Faulkner

Director, SecOps Product Marketing, Fortinet

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