Is Zero Trust Right for OT, Right Now?

What you should know about ZT for OT with Guest Forrester  
Digital transformation has allowed businesses of all varieties to expand and take advantage of connectivity and remote access, with OT environments included.

The difference for OT versus the masses - Many previously air-gapped systems are colliding with the internet creating security and production risks, exposing vulnerabilities and creating opportunities for bad actors.

So, what happens with this absolute need to shift from a legacy implied trust model to a zero-trust (ZT) model? And how can this be implemented seamlessly across and within critical infrastructures?

We encourage you to join this timely and intuitive discussion with our special guest from Forrester providing an analyst perspective on zero trust trends, what to pay attention to and the short- and long-term value.

Plus, a unique perspective from both parties on:
  • Common misconceptions of ZT in OT
  • Key criteria and strategies for approaching ZT implementation
  • Aspects of successfully deploying ZT in OT environments

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Rich Springer
Director Marketing of OT Solutions, Fortinet
Guest Speaker, Brian Wrozek
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Eric Schwake
Director of Product Marketing, Fortinet
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