A Dog's Guide to Internet Security

Join Lacey and her friend Gabbi on a fun, cyber-safe adventure!

In this day and age, our kids are accessing the internet about as soon as they can read! "Cyber Safe" is a fun way to ensure kids understand their surroundings in our digital world as they join Lacey and her friend Gabbi on a fun, cyber-safe adventure to learn the ins and outs of how to behave and stay safe online!

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About the Authors

Renee Tarun is a mom with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. She is the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Fortinet; before that, she worked at the National Security Agency (NSA).

Susan Burg is a National Board Certified Teacher with 24 years of teaching experience. She loves kids and loves to write; currently, she is working on a series of junior novels about a little girl named Gracie.

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“With the rapid shift to virtual learning last year, cybersecurity awareness became more important than ever. The “Cyber Safe” book by Renee Tarun made cybersecurity a relatable topic and enjoyable to read at the same time. We would like to start including the book as part of our mandatory Cybersecurity Awareness training and hand it out to all of our elementary students when they are issued a new device at the start of the school year.”

Troy Neal, Executive Director, IT Security & Operations, Spring Branch Independent School District

“The complex concepts addressed in the “Cyber Safe” book are important for both children and parents. The book gives enough information to create interest and understanding in children. One aspect I really liked about the book was a focus on safety and how things such as a child’s identity information and others in a young person’s orbit can compromise this. Telling the security story through identifiable characters will help younger internet learners to see information security from a new perspective.”

Bob Turner, CISO at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

“It will be easily understandable for most kids, and is also written to aid those adults who will be explaining the topics to children. I find that the book is very relevant to the current cyber landscape. It hits on the major online topics that parents and kids are currently dealing with as it pertains to online gaming and social engineering techniques being used by hackers. But best of all, it gives solid recommendations on how to mitigate those risks.”

Cybersecurity Leader & Mother

“Love PAWS. Read it with your kids as there are lessons for them and you.”                                                    

Scott Matsumoto, CISO, Augustech, LLC

"This is an artful, amusing, and accurate description of the dangers of unprotected Internet access. The book makes it easy to take pro-active measures to protect children and their parents against cyber-harms. It is an enjoyable read that will give educators the language to help students use the Internet responsibly and safely."

John Windhausen Jr., Executive Director, Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition

"Explaining concepts related to cyber security and online safety can be a daunting discussion with little ones. The Cyber Safe book for children creates the right balance and a bridge which distills concepts regarding trust and verify in a relatable manner. Thank you Renee and Susan!"

Beth-Anne Bygum, Chief Security & Compliance Officer, Acxiom